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Quality: 1

When I first received my essay from it looked OK, but then I got my grade back and I’d failed! I couldn’t believe it. I failed on the information in my essay being factually incorrect and the sources not being right, so NinjaEssays must have just made them up! I can’t give them any higher than a 1 for quality on this review as I would have at least expected them to create something which would give me a pass, but to pay for a fail seems ridiculous!

Services: 3

A lot of other reviews seem to have experienced the same as me, as the service looked promising at the beginning but it soon dropped off after they had my money! I had sent a few emails to NinjaEssays asking how it was going during the service, and each time they told me it was fine and that I’d get my essay soon. I received it a day before the deadline, which I thought was good timing, and it seemed to be written well as I didn’t spot any spelling or grammar mistakes. Nothing I read in the essay alerted me when I scanned it, but my grade of a fail tells me the service isn’t good enough!

Prices: 1

I think the price for is really expensive. On their website, they make it look like their costs are really low, but once you start putting in the wordcount and deadline, the price is three figures before you know it. I wasn’t expecting to pay as much as I did, but a quick sweep of reviews on their site suggested it was worth it so I paid anyway. Despite having actually failed with the essay I received and submitted from NinjaEssays, my request for a refund has not been granted!

Support: 2

Much like the rest of my review, the support I received from them also warrants a low score! When I emailed them during my service with them, they did reply quickly but looking back I can see now that they were just fobbing me off. Their responses suggested they were getting on fine, but the end result and my fail grade shows that they didn’t do a very good job at all. Since receiving my grade, I’ve tried to contact them multiple times to get a refund but they haven’t responded once. Hopefully they will read this review and stop taking the money of the customer and ignoring them afterwards!

Delivery: 1

Other reviews suggest they had a similar service to me, where they didn’t get what was promised in terms of delivery. I wish I had read those reviews sooner! My essay was sent to me on time which I was impressed with at the time, but for it to be a fail changes my perception of the company. The essay they gave me wasn’t at all what I expected, and wasn’t of a professional standard at all. I hope more people who receive a similar service leave more reviews, and make the refund process more efficient!

Overall Experience: 1.6

My review is a very low score of 1.6, but that is the score which reflects the essay I received from them. Their website looks cool and professional, so I expected a good essay which reflected the massive cost I paid. Unfortunately, my experience with them has been really bad, and I now have to deal with the repercussions of a fail grade which this essay left me with. I wouldn’t usually leave a review this bad for a company, but they have ignored me since I contacted them to say I failed and I’m no closer to receiving a refund so I’m left with no choice.














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