Negative effects of globalization essay

Even though globalization is one of the things politicians and economists have been preaching over the last few decades since its positive impact in countries because of how the global market has been growing more and more, and cultures have been shared all around the globe, there are a lot of negative things globalization has brought to the world. The idea of this globalization argumentative paper is to make people aware that globalization can bring more destruction than rewards for humankind, and that if we are not careful enough, it could mean a lot of trouble for us in few years. Before writing an essay, considert to choose the best essay writing service for writing help.

Is it true that there are bad things about globalization?

Yes, it is. Globalization is one of those things that have been treated carelessly. Since it has brought many undeniable great things for countries – such as more access to education, a bigger, wider and faster development of technology, more employment opportunities, and more economic well-being – politicians and economists have not being paying attention to all the counter effects scientists have been claiming globalization is bringing – not only to a country, but to the entire world.

What are the negative effects of globalization?

The one scientists, especially biologists, consider the worst negative effect of globalization is all the destruction for the environment it has brought. All the positive effects globalization has meant to the world cannot be compared to all the trees that have been cut down, all the oil spills that have contaminated the waters, the fast and careless consume of the natural nonrenewable resources our planet counts with, and all the pollution that factories have brought to towns, cities and countries. And we do not need to wait for many more years to start seeing the consequences of these facts. The consequences are already here: global warming, the extinction of thousands of animal and vegetable species, virus and diseases because of the high levels of contamination of water and food. All these consequences are already affecting humanity, and they are all due to globalization.
Another effect that is considered one of the worst negative effects of globalization is overpopulation. It is said that in 50 years there will be not enough food and water for all humankind. What it would mean is, first of all, starvation to the point of thousands of people dying yearly, and the extinction of many other animal species since people will try to solve their need to eat at any cost.

Why is it important to know the negative impacts of globalization?

Being aware and making other people aware of the current situation of the world is nothing but a responsibility for us. Actions must be taken by the governments and worldwide companies to try to diminish the pollution that is killing our plants and our animals. And this information, obviously in a simpler form, should be taken to schools and each and every home. Since this is a worldwide problem, there is no other being that can solve this problem except us, humans.

What can be done to reverse all the globalization negative effects?

Unfortunately, not all the negative effects that have happened can be reversed. We cannot bring back to life all those animal and vegetable species that have died, nor the humans that died because of pollution. But we could make our cities safer for us by taking several actions. We could regulate the amount of electricity we consume, we could plant trees, we could bring ideas and even demands to our governments in order to reduce the pollution that could be generated in our countries. We are the ones who can save our planet. At least we must try it, because losing it is not a chance we want to take.