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Quality: 7

The overall quality of my paper was okay. What I needed was a simple paper done for my history homework. After reading some of the reviews on the web I felt confident enough to try it. Needless to say that I was satisfied with the work although it probably could’ve been a bit better. The formatting was a bit uninspiring and reading the homework was somewhat dull. did an okay job with the work I had given them.

Services: 7 had a decent range of services available. I’m still a university student and I’m being forced to take many electives. I’d say that could cover a lot of the types of writing I’d need done. What I’m not feeling though is the range of topics or courses. In one review the guy said that he couldn’t get a physics paper done because no writer would take up the job. I feel the same way: I’m a chemistry major and although Myessays could do my liberal arts’ classes’ work…it couldn’t do my math or science essays. So if you’re a science major and haven’t read many reviews then I would say do that first. Make sure that your major is covered.

Prices: 5

Myessays prices were okay. To be honest I was expecting/hoping that they would have been cheaper. In my case all I needed was a simple history essay. Granted, it was 1000 words long but the deadline was flexible and there weren’t too many requirements. I had to pay over US$50 for that which I thought was a bit excessive. Yes, the reviews that I had read weren’t too positive over the prices so I was expecting a letdown here. Since most of the reviews are written by other college students they were spot on.

Support: 7

The Myessays support team was actually decent. I had a few questions about the delivery and how confidential everything was (I didn’t want my professor or classmates to know about this of course!) Most of the reviews that I had read about the customer support were correct. I think that the only missing was the inconsistency in their replies. The first reply I got right away (which was reassuring!) Afterwards, however they took anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to get back to me. This stops me from giving them anything higher than a ‘7’ in my review.


Delivery: 7

Again the delivery was okay. The customer service lady had told me that it would be in a zip format and would be encrypted so that only I could access it directly from their server. The only issue I had was with the writer really. He was curt in his delivery and that rubbed me the wrong way. I think that he could’ve been a bit more polite…especially since I was a first time customer of his (I have plenty of work coming.) So all I’ll say about the delivery review is that the files were fine but the writer could’ve been more polite.


Overall Experience: 6.6

So this is my review. I’d say that overall they were an ‘okay’ writing company. They were able to do and did my history work. The writer was obviously competent. The customer service team was professional enough to answer my questions. I liked the layout of the website. There were issues as well: the paper was quite basic and could’ve been done better. The writer was quite curt and I didn’t like that. The prices were a bit excessive for what I got. All I’ll add to my review is that I won’t use them again. I think that if I was in a dire situation I’d maybe try them again but otherwise I’d go elsewhere with my work. I’d recommend that you do the same.













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