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Visit site claims an apparent excellency in the title of the domain. This is my review about the bittersweet experience I had with the paper I ordered. I felt this page was an excellent one because they offer the best writers you could find online, writers with a lot of knowledge and experience. Well, the paper I received was not as professional as I thought it would be. It seems the person who wrote my paper knew nothing about my topic, and did a very plain research based on few reliable sources.
I looked for some reviews, and I found that a lot of the problems I experienced were also experienced by many other clients. The idea of this review is to highlight both positive and negative things I endured.

Quality – 4

I consider it is mandatory for me to highlight in this review the low quality of the paper I received. I looked for some reviews and found I was not the first one who consider the quality of the final products very low. I read other reviews where people claimed their papers where plagiarized. Luckily, I did not pass though such a bitter moment. So, it is more than obvious that this “superior quality” offer is not as good as they claim.

Services – 7

I have to admit that offers a wide variety of services which you commonly find in more than one website. I have seen online writing services that only offers essays, research projects, dissertation papers and so on. MasterPaperWriters offers their clients 8 different types of papers, something I consider great. If the quality of the papers had been higher, I would have considered asking for more material in the future.

Prices – 5

Another thing to be highlighted in this review is the balance of prices they have for each type of paper. After comparing the prices with others from different writing services, I consider they are not expensive. No, they are not the cheapest ones you could find online, but they are clearly way too far from the exorbitant prices a lot of online writing services ask for a project.

Support – 4

I tried to reach the support group of MasterPaperWriters because there was a delay on the delivery of my paper. Support kindly answered that they were going to do their best to solve my problem, but nothing happened. I appreciate the fact that at least they answered me (something that supposedly does not happen), but it is worthless if there is no solution for my problem.

Delivery – 4

As I just said, there was a short delay on the delivery. I read a review about someone who experienced a 3-day delay. In my case, it was fortunately just one. But a delay is a delay, no matter the amount of days you spend waiting for your paper. I was madly angry and this feeling increased after realizing the low quality my paper had.

Overall Experience – 4.8

Since I have read a lot of positive reviews about this website, I would like to believe that I had bad luck with a non-experienced writer. I would think twice about asking for a new paper to MasterPaperWriters since my experience was not totally pleasant, but I do not eliminate the possibility.
I wish students who read reviews as this one take into consideration everything I have explained in this review so far, before giving money to this group. A bittersweet experience is still a bad one if you consider the importance of the paper you are about to order.













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