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Quality 1:

I needed an excellent, original paper for my history class. Notice, I said excellent. I don’t care much for history and have always found the course to be challenging. Throughout the semester, my grade has suffered tremendously. I needed an essay for my final project. This essay would have the chance to bring up my scores. So, I was really counting on this custom-made essay to be a treasure. What I got was actually a piece of trash. It was filled with grammatical errors and the flow was choppy and all over the place. I know that the company offers rewrites and revisions, but I didn’t even trust them with that after they disappointed me the first time.

Services: 3

I scrolled through the site and learned that does provide other types of essay writing like speeches and dissertations. They probably get good business since students of all majors and fields often need papers written. I just hope that nobody has a bad experience like I did. We are all just trying to make it through school while balancing our personal lives. That’s the reason I turned to this service to begin with.

Prices: 3

The costs and fees are posted to the online site, which is a nice touch. It allowed me to see what I was in for before making my purchase. The prices weren’t the worst I’ve ever seen, but now that I look back, I wonder if I’d paid more elsewhere would I have received better quality. It’s too late to look back, though. The next time I’ll just save a few bucks and put in the work myself. Hopefully by next time I’ll have found a better writing company. I’m just grateful that I did not go penniless on a terribly written assignment.

Support: 2

I didn’t turn to the support feature much at all, but this company provides 24/7 availability to clients. I noticed that the reps were most knowledgeable about the payment process. They could tell me anything I needed to know about how and when to pay. But any other questions I had and they were dumbfounded. This gave me the impression that this company is focused more on money than customer satisfaction. Perhaps they employ a bunch of novices. When it’s all said and done, the purpose was for me to get a good grade, and that’s not what I received. Even if the support services had been stellar, it wouldn’t have meant much after receiving such an inadequate essay.

Delivery: 2

The professional writer assigned to my essay had the nerve to deliver my assignment a day late. I couldn’t believe this. It was absolutely unacceptable. I let it slide because I figured the more time the writer took, the better the essay would be. Boy, was I wrong! I have no idea what the holdup was! The essay was very short, lacked substance, and was full of errors. When I received the essay in my inbox, the writer didn’t even leave an outline or explanation of what the essay entailed! I was outdone by all the unprofessionalism! I just took it as a learning experience, and I will never use again. I opened the essay and used my remaining time to edit and add to my paper where it was needed.

Overall: 2.2

My review on this company says it all. This writing service does not fulfill its promises at all. I will never refer anyone to this company. I have been inspired to look elsewhere if I ever need an essay written in the future.













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