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Quality (8)

Over the last couple of weeks, we begun seeing more and more IbuyEssay.com reviews. Of course, since we are all about helping students pick the best academic writing service, we analyzed this company more closely. It didn’t take long for us to write a review about it. We placed an order for an essay on a relatively difficult topic in economy. The writer did an outstanding job, we must admit. The essay was written perfectly, without any spelling or grammar errors. We are also very happy to see that the paper was written in proper academic format. The references and citations are perfect. Truth be told, the company fully deserves an 8 for Quality in our IbuyEssay.com review. The essay they sent us can be submitted to a professor without any edits, which is something pretty rare these days. Congratulations!

Services (8)

Next, we carefully analyzed the website and the services offered by IbuyEssay.com. Everything looks OK, even though we would have loved to see more services. Yes, the company does offer to write an essay on any subject and any topic. It also proofreads and edits papers, so you can have them polish your own writing (a claim supported by multiple reviews). The problem is that they don’t seem to write theses. In addition, getting a draft or an outline is impossible. You are required to order a complete paper from them. In any case, this is not a major problem because most students order full papers most of the time. As such, IbuyEssay.com gets an 8 here. It’s not a low score by any means, so don’t worry about it.

Prices (8)

The prices are very competitive. IbuyEssay really did its best to come up with an affordable price per page. And taking into consideration the amazing quality of their writing, we must agree that this price is more than fair. You need to keep in mind that professional academic writers are not cheap. The company has to pay for its writers’ work. In other words, the prices simply can’t go lower. In any case, IbuyEssay is an affordable solution for any student who wants a top notch academic paper on any subject and topic. It’s great to see this price for essays written by native English speakers. As such, the company receives an 8 in our review.

Support (7)

Some of the IbuyEssay.com reviews we’ve read had some complaints about the Customer Support department. We tested it as well and the results are just satisfactory. They did reply to each and every message and email that we sent the company. However, the responses were somewhat delayed. All of them were received after around 2 hours from the time we sent the question. On the bright side, IbuyEssay.com responded during the night as well. This means they really have a 24/7 customer support rep online at all times. Taking all these findings into consideration, we feel that a 7 is the fair score for Support. This score is in line with other reviews we’ve read.

Delivery (9)

A very important part of our IbuyEssay.com review is the delivery. Much to our delight, the writer managed to finish the essay on time. We must also take into consideration the fact that the essay was not on a trivial topic. The writer sent the paper to us as soon as he finished it, so we even received it 2 hours early. Most of the other reviews praise the company’s ability to finish the papers on time as well. This makes us believe the writing service really values its clients and their time. As such, we are happy to give IbuyEssay a 9 for Delivery.

Overall Experience (8)

Overall, IbuyEssay.com was reliable writing service. You can safely order an essay from them and expect top notch quality. Of course, all the content was 100% original (we checked). The price was great and the essay was sent to us on time. Yes, we would have appreciated some more writing services, but the company does cover all the bases as it is. Customer support could be a bit more responsive. However, taking everything into consideration, we feel that this writing company deserves an A for Overall Experience in our review. We recommend you to try its services!















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