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Quality (4)

A couple weeks ago we heard about a new academic writing service, Homeworkmarket.com. It is marketed as a way for students to get in touch with “teachers” who are willing to help them with their homework or essays. Since there weren’t any Homeworkmarket.com reviews online, we decided to break the ice ourselves and risk some money to test this service. Well, the investment didn’t pay off and we lost the money. Here is why. As part of our review, we requested and paid for an essay on a rather simple topic in biology. The quality we received was horrendous. Typos, misspelled words, grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes – these were all over the place! It’s rare in our reviews to hand out such a low score, but this writing service does not deserve more than 4 out of 10 points here.

Services (4)

Another important part of our Homeworkmarket.com review is the services offered by the company. And this service doesn’t seem to offer any services whatsoever. It just tells you who came online and when a student rates an “answer” from a “teacher.” We really don’t know what to make out of all the information being thrown at us every second on this website. Many of the so-called users are just named “Guest.” Some teachers have quite funny names as well. So Homeworkmarket.com is just an intermediary between students and teachers. The problem is that we consider those teachers to be fakes, as there is no vetting process. A student can be a teacher and vice versa. We really can’t award more than 4 points here to Homeworkmarket.

Prices (2)

We are sad to say that the prices are not too attractive either. During our Homeworkmarket.com review, we received several quotes. Some were ridiculously low (scams), while others were way too high. We offered a fair price, yet the quality was awful. There aren’t other reviews we can look at, but our experience with the company has been unpleasant so far. Their prices are definitely not something we can score higher than 2 points. We know, it’s a very low score, but we expected at least some form of quality for the price we paid.

Support (3)

Of course, after we saw the essay we received from the so-called “teacher,” we immediately contacted the Homeworkmarket Customer Support. We waited for 2 days and then sent another email. There is no phone number listed on their website, so you are forced to use the Internet to get in touch with these people. When they finally decided to reply, after another day, they did so in a mix of English and Russian. We barely understood what the Homeworkmarket.com customer support representative wrote in that reply. And to make matters even worse, he boldly claimed that the essay we received did not need any revisions and that they don’t refund any money. How nice of them! This is why we can only give them 3 points for their support in our review.

Delivery (2)

Of course, don’t expect them to send you the work on time. It won’t happen. The “teacher” was 2 days late with our essay, and it was a pretty simple topic. We can’t find other reviews, but this seems to be the norm there. Being late is unacceptable for us, so Homeworkmarket receives just 2 points out of 10 here.

Overall Experience (3)

What more is there to say about this service…? We just hope that we don’t see any other Homeworkmarket.com reviews online. Why? Because that would mean other students have wasted their money trying this writing service that has an overall rating of just 3 points out of 10. Anything below 5 points is considered dangerous and unreliable. 3 points is borderline scamming. Avoid this homework marketplace at all costs as you will only lose your money, waste your time, and get angry. After reading this review, you can surely agree that it’s better to forget about this website.















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