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Quality (10)

We recently heard about an academic writing service that looked very promising. So of course, we decided to give it a try. We ordered an essay from homeworkforme.com and then tested every aspect of the company. To be honest, we are quite impressed by how well this writing service performed during our tests. Let’s start with the quality test, where this company scored 10 points out of 10. The essay we received was excellent in every way. And we noticed that their customers praise this aspect in most of the homeworkforme.com reviews we’ve read. To sum it up, homeworkforme.com managed to produce a paper that was 100% original, interesting, well-written, and very captivating. The writer is clearly a pro, there is no question about it, and the editors are also highly skilled.

Services (9)

Another important part of the homeworkforme.com review is the services offered by the company. The services are diverse and they will meet the requirements of almost any student from high school to university. They clearly have a large number of writers who are specialized in different areas, such as Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Programming, Engineering, and even Nursing. Also, the company offers top notch homework services, according to various reviews. And yes, you can get editing and proofreading as standalone services. The only problem we found was the lack of a dissertation service. However, we agree that the demand for thesis papers is not very high, so we will not penalize the company too harshly. HomeworkForMe gets 9 out of 10 points for its comprehensive list of services.

Prices (8)

We know, prices are always a problem for students. This is why we are very severe about this aspect in our reviews. Even though we penalized the company here, our review reflects our own opinion on what the price per page should be. We consider the price per page for the different types of assignments and for different deadlines a bit high. However, we have to agree that the price is decent for the kind of quality we received. Keep in mind that very few companies will send you a top quality paper for this price per page, and HomeworkForMe is one of them. The company scores 8 points out of a maximum of 10 here.

Support (10)

During each and every review, we test how the company responds to its clients’ enquiries. This is extremely important for students, of course. In case there are any problems with the paper, or if any of the requirements change overnight, you need to be able to get in touch with the writer working on your assignment ASAP. And truth be told, homeworkforme.com managed to impress us. We contacted them three times, like we usually do. Every time, they responded in less than 5 minutes – even at 3 in the morning! The responses were to the point, answered our questions, and were written in a polite and courteous manner. This makes it clear to us and to our readers that this writing company deserves no less than 10 points.

Delivery (9)

Another very important part of our homeworkforme.com review is the delivery test. In other words, we want to see if the service sends the paper on time. There was a slight problem here, however. We received the paper 2 minutes after the deadline. While we do agree that this is totally acceptable (and considering the fact that the writer had a very good excuse for being a bit late), we will not be too harsh. To their defense, none of the other reviews mentioned anything about missed deadlines. We think 9 out of 10 points would be a fair score.

Overall Experience (9.2)

HomeworkForMe is a reliable, trustworthy academic writing service that impressed us. It is one of the very few services that managed this kind of performance during our tests. The quality of the submission was beyond reproach. Customer support is very responsive and effective. The list of services is comprehensive, even though the price per page is a bit on the high side. During our review, the writer sent the paper 2 minutes late, but this kind of delay shouldn’t matter for 99.9% of students. All the other homeworkforme.com reviews gave very high ratings to this writing company. Our Overall Experience score of 9.2 out of 10 is in accordance with the other ratings one can find online. As such, we recommend this writing service fully.















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