Homeworkcrest.com Review

Quality: 4

I needed help in my algebra class because I’ve always had a tough time with math. I found homeworkcrest.com and got excited. I was able to immediately get connected to help. My grade improved slightly which is good news. However, I feel like the equations could be explained in an easier manner. While I was assisted greatly in this difficult area of academics, perhaps their level of instruction could be broken down even more to make things simpler to understand. I will be on the search for more algebra help because I need a deeper level of assistance than most students.

Services: 4

The website was easy enough to navigate and explained the process thoroughly. I learned right away that this company uses professionals that are experts in their fields. This really eased my nerves. However, I feel like homeworkcrest.com focuses more on writing assignments than they do math, science or other fields. If I ever need help with a paper or written assignment, I would be sure to revisit homeworkcrest.com. However, I felt that their math services were limited. But at least I got the help that I needed at the time. The website states that homework help is available in many other subject areas such as English, accounting, Spanish, economics, finance, and more. This is good to know. The website also brags that they are plagiarism free, which is very important for students.

Prices: 4

This company has decent prices. It wasn’t super cheap, but it wasn’t unreasonably expensive either. I appreciated the price level. I am on a tight budget and would not have paid for their services if the costs were any higher. That being said, I think that the price matches the quality level of work that I received. If I had paid more for homework help, I would have expected results that were far more stellar. But these services did not break the bank, so I am grateful for that. There is also a price calculator on their site which comes in handy for those who want to know beforehand what they have to pay.

Support: 4

This company has all of the fine print and details on their website so there is no confusion. That was really helpful. I noticed that the company also provides online support, perhaps in the form of a chat feature. But every time I visit the site, this feature is listed as “offline”. Too bad, because it would have really come in handy. I am not too worried though, because every representative who spoke with me was very warm, endearing, and helpful every step of the way. I wasn’t blown away, but the professionals did their jobs correctly.

Delivery: 4

This company has good delivery services. It could be better, but it was good enough. The responses weren’t immediate, but they deliver on the due date every time. The professional assigned to my task was always professional and apologized for any unexpected delays. But there weren’t any serious delays at all. The staff just wanted to ensure that everything was correct on their part. I appreciated that as well.

Overall: 4

I was content with the way my homework help turned out. I’m still fighting to keep my algebra grade up, but I need top-notch help. While homeworkcrest.com delivered decently, I’m sure there may be a better quality of homework help out there. I would recommend this company to those who are fast learners and not struggling as badly as I am in math. However, if I ever need essay writing help or assistance in some other academic area, I would certainly consider using this company again.















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