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Quality: 4

While the layout of is professional, appealing, and easy to view, it doesn’t exactly match the quality of its services. I found numerous flaws with the essay I submitted for completion when it was returned to me. If I didn’t proofread it myself upon receiving it from the writer, the flaws may have impacted the grade I received on the assignment. If I’d looked at reviews more thoroughly before I begun the assignment, I may have been more informed of the site’s quality issues.

Services: 6

As I just mentioned, the layout of their site is well-done but deceiving. Helpwithassignment makes it seem as if they’re a top-quality essay writing service when in reality, the quality of the work is hardly that. The support team was decent at least but weren’t the quickest to respond to my queries. This could’ve had (and thankfully didn’t) impacted the deadlines I had to adhere to, especially if there were unresolved issues that needed to be addressed on the writer’s end. In my review, I’ll give a mere 6, solely because the communication between me and them was quite slow.

Prices: 7

The prices are hard to figure out on the site and don’t seem to easily be found in many reviews. Thankfully, the price isn’t that bad – this may be why not many people have written much reviewing the price of their services. If you’re curious about the price you’re able to go to the site and physically calculate the price of a prospective assignment using a price tool that’s free to use.

Support: 5

Helpwithassignment definitely had some stuff they could do better with, as far as customer support is concerned. Most of the reviews I looked at once I’d used their services echoed my complaints and issues. While I was able to get going easily, it seemed as if it was hard to reach the customer service associates once I’d paid my fees. I had a few questions, and finding ways to get in contact with the support team on was no easy task. Finally, I found a way to email them. They took awhile to get back to me but were kind and understanding of the situation I found myself in. Courtesy goes a long way, which makes for this part of my review earning a 5.

Delivery: 4

Helpwithassignment wasn’t as great as I’d thought they’d be; this was especially reflected in the delivery of the final product, which was error-ridden and inconsistent with my requirements. I should’ve taken stock of what other people spoke about in their reviews, many of which also had to make personal corrections when the assignment was returned to them. This review would be exponentially better if the essay was sent to me devoid of errors and inconsistent stylistic issues. needs to do a better job at quality checking the content that their writers deem as “complete”. The lackluster score is reflective of the quality of the final delivered product.

Overall Experience: 5.2

I feel as if a 5.2 out of ten is a generous score given the inconsistencies of the product and customer service team that I experienced. This review serves to alert future users of some of the potential flaws of helpwithassignment that they might experience. Pricing was fair, and once I actually got in contact with the site’s support team they answered my questions. I’d suggest keeping an eye out for future reviews that detail the true nature of the products they deliver.














            • Jogasmita says:

              I have been associated with team in India for more than 2 years. But these people came out to be the most unprofessional and opportunists I have ever encountered with.They never stood up to their commitments and then one can think what they would do with their clients. I was a writer there but they always used me whenever they wanted and upon that they did not pay for the work. They will take money from client and will tell us that client is not happy with your work, so will not pay anything, thereby becoming ESCAPISTS and OPPORTUNISTS. I had kept patience since one year, as they started this strategy. But now it is out of my patience level. We work for the clients and we make sure that their work is done and with utmost quality. These people are mere third person outsourcing agents but still play with both of us (Writer and Client)

              Its my humble appeal to you, please do not get associated with such frauds and non-professional people. They will ruin everything, your career and time too. I have become a VICTIM, but i do not want you to face the same. Please stay away from team India (Also known as Zara Helpwithassignments).

            • Howard says:

              a year ago ‘help with assignment’ wasn’t as bad as it is now. I just cannot believe they failed my math homework again

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