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Quality: 6

The essay I got back from will get me a pretty good grade. The only reason I need to mark them down a bit on this review is because there were a few spelling and grammar mistakes I had to clear up when I got my essay back. Thankfully, I did get it back a few days before my deadline, so I had plenty of time to clear it up before I submitted it. The research GetEssay included was pretty good, and they wrote the essay in quite an engaging way so I’m pleased with the bones of it.


Services: 6

Other reviews I’ve read seem to have had mixed experiences with the service they received. The service I got from was ok. They weren’t very responsive and took a while to reply after I contacted them. However, the essay I got was reasonably good, so I guess they were just getting it done. I will state in my review that it would have been nicer to have been responded to a bit quicker when I asked a question, as some people will find that an important part of hiring an essay writing company.


Prices: 4

I’ve used a few companies like GetEssay, and I think this one may have been a bit more costly than other essay writing services I’ve used in the past. I think you get what you pay for though, as the cheaper ones tend to have really bad reviews on the quality of the essay they get back and it is the quality which is the most important thing, at the end of the day. Some reviews say they’d like the price to be lower, and ideally I would too. I would have liked it to be a bit lower if I’d have known I was going to proofread and edit the spelling and grammar as I did.


Support: 7

I have to give a seven for support in my review as I felt like they really listened to what I needed when I first hired them. I called them and put my essay order in over the phone, and the person I spoke to seemed to ask all of the right questions to make sure they knew the subject area, title, and my writing style. As I said earlier in the review, it would have been nice if they’d have checked in a bit more often, but when I did get to speak to someone at GetEssay then were professional.

Delivery: 7

The essay from came back on time, although it seems like this wasn’t the case for other reviews. Maybe I got lucky, I’m not sure. I was glad they sent it when agreed, as it meant I had time to check it and make any necessary changes to the spelling and grammar before I submitted it. I would have preferred to not have needed to make those changes, but the research and the essay itself made up for it.

Overall Experience: 6

I think a six for my overall experience on this review is a fair score. I seemingly got a writer who researched my essay well, but other reviews suggest I got lucky as some people got essays back which couldn’t be submitted. I don’t know if I would risk using this company again for fear I’d get a bad writer and a bad essay, but I’m glad I used them for this essay as it was quite a good piece of work. They do need to proofread the work they do though, as you don’t really expect to have to amend spelling and grammar mistakes.













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            • jerry says:

              Unresponsive customer service, high prices, unsatisfactory writing. Probably that’s all you need to know about

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