EvolutionWriters.com Review

EvolutionWriters.com Review
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Quality (1)

I wanted to write this EvolutionWriters.com review so every student that is looking for an online writing service will use this company with caution. When I hired EvolutionWriters.com to write my essay for my history class, I expected they would do the research that was necessary to follow the guidelines that I had submitted. They took little time to research and wrote in generalities that just weren’t good enough to turn into my class. I was sorely disappointed with EvolutionWriters’ work, and even though they boast that they have native English speakers, it was apparent that this writer was not properly trained in American English. The overall quality of my paper was really poor, and I was not satisfied with the results that I received from EvolutionWriters.com at all.

Services (3)

Before I chose which online writing service that I was going to work with, I read a lot of reviews online. I wanted to see the reviews about EvolutionWriters.com to make sure that I would have a good experience. The EvolutionWriters.com reviews really were not that great, and I should have known they were not the online writing service for me. They have a lot of services, so I gave them a higher review score, but this certainly should be taken with a grain of salt as you most likely won’t get the results you are looking for.

Prices (3)

I thought the prices for EvolutionWriters was kind of pricey compared to other services that I looked at for my paper writing. They charge based on the length of your paper as well as when you want it by and also what type of assignment it is. My paper was pretty long, so the price was more. I was willing to pay this price, but I wanted an essay that was good quality. I was really disappointed for what I received at the price I paid. Too expensive for my taste.

Support (1)

This is where I want every student to really pay attention to this review. The support of EvolutionWriters.com was not good at all. When I contacted them that my paper was just not good enough and there is no way a native English writer wrote it, they argued with me and claimed that I had not provided good enough instructions. I gave them the same guidelines that my professor gave me so there should have been no problems. They didn’t want to hear it, and I even told them I was going to leave a bad review about them. They didn’t seem to care which probably is why you see so many negative EvolutionWriters.com reviews online.

Delivery (2)

I did get my essay by the due date, but all this didn’t matter because I couldn’t even use the paper for my class. Now I was really stuck with no paper and looming deadline from my professor. I warn all students about EvolutionWriters as you will be very frustrated when working with them. The results are poor, and they cost too much for what they offer.

Overall Experience (2)

My overall experience with EvolutionWriters.com was not good. I really hope other students take the time to read all the reviews about this company online before you decide to work with this writing service. They really don’t deliver what they promise and will do nothing to help you when you have a problem. All that ends up happening by going with EvolutionWriters is that you overpay for a paper that you can’t use.















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            • Lorean says:

              Couldnt open their website with Internet Explorer, but the boy from support team told me it should open fine. Oh well, they lost their customer.

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