Quality (8)

There aren’t many reviews out there, so we thought it best to write one ourselves. This review will help all our readers decide if they want to work with this essay writing service. Even though it looks promising, our review demonstrates that this company has some way to go before it can satisfy us. The text’s quality we received (an essay on a topic in physics) was decent. There were few errors and all the text appeared original. The ideas were interesting, but not breathtaking. Overall, we are satisfied with what we received, so we award the company 8 out of 10 points.

Services (8)

The services of are pretty diverse. They can write essays on a wide variety of subjects and can also help their customers with research papers and business papers. However, the proofreading and editing services are not reliable as far as we can tell. In addition, there is no mention of their writers being able to help students with just parts of their essay. You either buy the entire paper or you walk away. We decided to give the company 8 points in our review, which is pretty high.

Prices (7)

When it comes to prices, we were not satisfied. The price per page may be OK for an excellent paper, but this company did not send us an excellent paper. When the quality of the submission is taken into account, one quickly realizes that the prices are too steep. Also, we tried to negotiate with the customer support department. They didn’t even want to hear about our budget and requirements. Several other reviews complained about prices as well, so we feel our 7 points are well deserved. This means you can get better prices elsewhere.

Support (6)

As has been noted in some other reviews, the customer support department is disappointing to say the least. We contacted them and they were very slow to respond. Also, it looks like they are not working during the night. If you are having some issues, you need to wait until about noon to get an answer. We take customer support very serious in our reviews, so we feel obliged to penalize this company and give it only 6 points out of 10. Students need to be able to get an answer quickly,!

Delivery (7) managed to be late with our assignment. Unfortunately, this will cost them. We penalize even exceptional companies in our reviews if they send us the paper late, so Essayswriters gets just 7 points out of 10. We would have been even more exigent, but they were late by just 3 hours. If they manage to get their act together and avoid being late (or even better, send the work early), they will get 10 points from us in our subsequent review. Also, it is worth noting that the writer did not apologize for the delay.

Overall Experience (7)

Essayswriters managed to receive an average of 7 points out of 10. This means the services and the company are average. This means essayswriters doesn’t deliver quality services, but doesn’t scam its clients either. We were somewhat happy with the quality of the submission and with the range of services they list on the website. However, we were disappointed by the Customer Support department and by the delivery mishap. Essayswriters may be a good option for some of our readers, but we feel obliged to warn you that you may receive your paper late and that the quality of the essay may not be what you expect. Also, keep in mind that under these circumstances, their pricing a bit high.













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