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Quality: 2

I’m not at all happy with the kind of work has provided. It may seem to show some potential at first glance like when you go over the credentials of these writers. Also, when you had to chance to go over a few of the reviews, you would also assume that the kind of work they deliver would be excellent; however, this is really far from reality. I have specifically requested for my work to be written in American English (since this is what I really use) and yet I have spotted a few UK-spelled words when I ran a spell-check on the entire document. The completed work which the Essaylab writer sent to me was really mediocre. I expected the writer to emulate my writing style but I was obviously mistaken.

Services: 1

This is really where I had the most horrible experience. I got in touch with’s support team through their website and explained to them about the dissatisfaction I have with the completed work especially those spelling errors I have spotted; I really expected to be given back my payment. They instead insisted that I choose a different writer or request the writer to redo the task. I have advised them that I want neither of those since I really want my payment back since none of their writers were competent enough to complete the task. Obviously, they apologized saying it is within their policy that no refund can be processed since their writers already completed task, so on and so forth. This is the very reason why I have to recommend you to go over all the reviews prior to making your choice.

Prices: 4

The cost of Essaylab services was just reasonable and almost every review has mentioned this. There are companies which offer more affordable fees while there are those which offer higher fees. If you go over majority of reviews, you’ll see for yourself that most clients are really okay with the fees. For me it was really reasonable but then again I never got what I expected and I never got my payment back. Although, you really do have the option to modify things according to your preference and can really get things accomplished in an affordable way. If you chance on something which offers more affordable fees compared to them but with more excellent result, you’ll be even more satisfied compared to me.

Support: 1

I would like to emphasize that I was really frustrated with the resolution provided by I am still attending school and I have very little money to spare. I don’t have enough budget allotted for the completion of my essays. Actually I even had to take another part time job just to afford someone to work on my paper. I am just so frustrated that the result wasn’t what I have expected and that even Essaylab cannot do anything about it; more so because most of the reviews I have read mentioned that they were really helpful.

Delivery: 6

The pace of the completed task was really quick. It was submitted just within my expected time frame, not earlier or later. The correspondence I had with the writer was brief but excellent. The reviews which I have heard regarding their submission time frame were accurate. Maybe I was expecting for something more personalized but—okay. I did not find any review which mentioned about a having a personalized experience so that was really my mistake.

Overall Experience: 2.8

The writing service proved to be a horrible experience. I have gone over every review I have chanced upon but this did not save me at all. The work was completed promptly but it was really mediocre. The final work submitted to me had a lot of errors and there were no odds for me to be compensated even after things failed to meet my expectations. I was really frustrated since I had to do the re-editing myself and even ended being sleep-deprived since I just took on another part-time work. My takeaway? Go over each and every single review you can chance upon prior to choosing their services lest you’ll end up writing your very own bad review.













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            • Steven says:

              What can I say about Not the worst writing service but their CSRs lack some professionalism. Writing also could be better.

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