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Once I read enough reviews that negatively rated this site, I decided to experience their process of writing and delivering papers. In this review, you will learn about my experience when hiring the services of this page. These are my opinions.

Quality – 2

I did not experience the credibility they claim to offer. My text was filled with mistakes that I had to personally correct. But the worst part was all the plagiarized content it had. My paper was simply inadmissible. I have read about those issues in some reviews¸ but know I can confirm it with full confidence. is a site that offers help to students in college or university, but the help they will probably get comes from other students who might just naively get your grades lower than ever.

Services – 1

essayforme website works perfectly at covering their faults. The first service they ensure you is 100% plagiarism free work and I am more than eager to affirm in this review that this is not true, at least in my experience. Another doubtful affirmation is the fact they have the best writers on the market, as you would expect a better performance from a qualified individual. They offer basic writing services such as in essays or assignments, but they approach similarly more important papers such as dissertation texts. There are many reviews about the quality of their papers, but I would rely on those who speak negatively, as it was the experience I got.

Prices – 3 is cheap, but quality feels like it. One good aspect might be the variety in prices they offer, starting from a high school writer that would cost you 11.89$ to a PhD professional who would cost you 24.90$. This range of prices and qualifications may be good for some clients, but the truth is that it is the very reason why some reviews speak nightmares about essayforme. Students could find useful the prices of this site for small assignments, but in this review¸ I want to warn you about the dangers if you consider hiring a writer for more meticulous work.

Support – 2

It is not good enough, as they suffer what other pages suffer as well. My paper was not delivered in time, so I reached to support, only to become desperate and frustrated for the lack of a quick answer. I contacted to the writer and I managed to solve it, but this proves the inefficiency of their support team. essayforme becomes not as easy for you, as some reviews truthfully claim.

Delivery – 2

My paper was not delivered in time. This review about has given you enough reasons to consider not hiring their services. When it comes to delivering, my experience was not good at all. It is irresponsible to claim perfect timing and then delivering such a bad service. Timing is crucial for assignments and essays, and it is even more important for dissertations. Contacting to support or the writer will be your only choices.

Overall Experience – 2

I do not wish to anyone my experience with They offer cheap prices for bad quality, at least most of the times. My paper was not good at all and my grade showed that reality. You should use and share this review to other fellow students for them to be wary then deciding to hire the services of this site. I hope there are good services out there for individuals with the need for writing services, not like the ones from this site.













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