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I had never heard of essaychief until recently when I was searching the web and stumbled upon them. That is when I decided to give them a try, a decision that I will forever regret. I was enticed to try them by the positive reviews that were all over the internet about how great their services were so I ordered a paper to be done by them. I guess they paid for those positive reviews since what the reviewers said and what I experienced are two completely different things. Without further ado, let us get into the details of this review.

Quality 1

I will go on the record on this review and say that the quality of paper I got from essaychief was terrible. First of all, it was full of grammatical errors. Second, the work was plagiarized. Had I delivered this paper as I received it from, I would have gotten myself in a pickle with my professor. Basically, I had to get someone else to do it afresh.

Services 1

The service delivery on essaychief leaves a lot to be desired. They do not double check the work submitted by their writers. They just forward it to you and release the money to the writer even before you can confirm whether the paper is as per your request or not. You can’t even communicate any issues directly with the writer. You have to go through mediation service which sucks big time.

Pricing 2

Pricing on is based on the quality of paper you desire and the time you expect it to take. This pricing model is absurd because you should not hold the customer at ransom claiming that they should dig deeper into their pockets to get quality papers. This borders on extortion and it is quite shameful especially when it is being done to students who are just trying to get better grades and better their lives.

Support 1

There is a lot of misleading reviews out there that are full of praise for their customer support team. I, however, would like to say on this review that my experience with their customer support team was nothing close to what it is portrayed to be in those reviews. When I got the horrible paper, I tried to raise the issue but the support team did not show any interest in helping me out. I was told to raise a ticket and they would get back to me shortly which they never did. I had to resolve the issue on my own since it seemed that they were only interested in the commissions they earned from my order and not in my satisfaction as a customer.

Delivery 1

Unlike what the misleading reviews say, I found the delivery pathetic in this writing company. The paper I got was full of errors and was plagiarized. I don’t even think that they have a proofreader to go through the submissions before handing them over to the client.

Overall Experience 1.2

This has to be the worst writing company that you can order from. My experience with them was terrible and it is not something that I would wish even on my worst enemy. We all know that plagiarism, especially on an academic paper, can have some very dire consequences on your academic life but these guys just handle it casually like it is nothing. I hope that this review saves a lot of students from the frustrations of dealing with this company.













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