Essay on child abuse

It does not matter in what age we are today, child abuse is still a thing. A lot of cases of child abuses are reported yearly, not only by parents or members of a family, but also by adults who admit that they were abused when they were children. A lot of myths are known regarding child abuse, such as it happens only on families with low economic resources, that child abuse means only raping a kid, and many other things. The idea of this short essay about child abuse is to explain in a fast but intelligible way what is child abuse, the types of child abuse that exist, and to make people aware of this worrying situation that is happening all around the globe.

Writing an essay on child abuse

It is any type of maltreatment or neglect that a child receives, whether it comes from a parent, another member of the family, a caregiver or a stranger. Child abuse not only comes in the form of raping or hitting a kid, but in many other ways. There are four types of child abuse that we can find, and we are going to discuss briefly about them all in this essay on child abuse. The first type that exists is the physical. This one includes hitting, biting, kicking, scratching and throwing a child. A lot of the cases of physical child abuse occurs on homes where there is a member of the family who has drinking or drug addiction, or where there is a misogynist, misandrist or sexist parent. Even though this is not a cause and effect essay on child abuse, it is important to know why this happens.
A second type of child abuse is the sexual one. This is the most known and it consists not only on raping a kid, but also on exposing or touching its genitals without permission, proposing inappropriate activates, and even showing pornography to the kid.

Short essay on child abuse

The emotional abuse is the third type of child abuse that exists. It is the most underestimated of the four types of abuse, but it is one of the worst. It consists on making the kid feel inferior in many ways, such as shaming, blaming, threatening, mocking, yelling, and any other type of bullying that does not involve physical contact.
The fourth and last type of child abuse is the neglect. It is usually reported by members of the family or neighbors of the kid. It means not offering the kid the enough food, health care, housing, supervision and many other things the kid should count with.

Child abuse essay ideas

One of the things that must be understood in this child abuse essay is that child abuse is not normal and it is not OK. People sometimes do nothing about these situations because they think ‘well, nothing wrong has happened to the kid’, ‘that is the way his/her parents were raised’ or ‘they do that for his/her well-being’. But thinking like this is not just wrong, but it is also becoming part of the problem. The first thing that must be done is to report the case, even before talking to the family. It is better to have the support of the police and an institution of child safety before acting – just in case the family decides to take actions as retaliation. If you can, talk to the kid and offer him or her any help you can. It is not only exasperating and frustrating but also upsetting the fact that kids are committing suicide because no one comes to help them when it is needed.
Recognizing these situations and trying to help is what could make a huge difference- the total improvement – of the entire life of a kid.