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If you’re looking for reviews, you’re at the right place. I ordered some assignments from them and will write an review based on my findings. I will keep 5 metrics in mind while writing the review. These metrics help me compare various companies for reviews.

Quality – 6

The quality of assignments I received was decent. While the reports were grammatically correct, I feel that they could have used more references and citations. Somehow, the content lacked research. Being a company that boasts of their research abilities, this is not what I expected from them. The entire report of about 10 pages had no more than 5 references. I had read some reviews that they were good with quality, but I found it just satisfactory. And that too after I chose a platinum quality writer and minimum 10 cited resources.

Services –7

The orders for were placed online – that’s the way most essay writing websites work. I got to choose a writer from their database, which is a good thing. Basically, I was happy with Edusson services. The system was very well-managed. It was all automatic and I didn’t need the help of a customer care person. I also tested their paper against my college plagiarism checker and found it to be genuine. The website interface is also appealing, which is always an added bonus.

Prices – 4

Price was one thing I couldn’t agree on. While Edusson claims of charging low prices, the truth is that their prices are very high. So much so, that if you don’t have a choice of a writer and want them to pick their own, they will charge you for that. I was charged $360 for a 10-page report, which is way too much. I did not select an urgent delivery date either. Since students are generally low on finances, I think it’s really difficult for someone to shell out this much money for a really simple school-level report. I sincerely hope that will revise their prices.

Support – 6

To be honest, the system of was automatic and I didn’t feel the need to contact support. But I did it for this review. I asked them a few times about the delivery of my reports. I got 2 reports from them to give accurate reviews. For the first report, they kept giving me updates. However, for the second one, they seemed to be annoyed and didn’t respond on time. For a $350 report, I expect a 5-star support service but I didn’t get it. The support was just decent.

Delivery – 7

The reports were delivered on time. However, I requested for some edits for this review and they took a lot of time for them. If a student finds a fault in the paper, she would want to get it edited. The long time taken for edits means that her paper would get delayed. I asked for a 10-day delivery. They delivered on day 9. I immediately asked for minor edits. They gave the paperback on day 11. So it was delayed by one day. Delay of one day is okay if you have an understanding professor. However, if your professor does not give you an extension, it could lead to a penalty.

Overall Experience – 6

Overall, it was a decent experience. I would order from them again if they lower their prices. Their quality and delivery are decent, but their price is the main factor that stung me the most. This is why in my review, I have given the lowest ranking to the price factor. If they slash their prices, I would like to post more reviews on them, and I’m sure they’ll score better.













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