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Quality (2)

I don’t know what other reviews say, but I want to let everyone here know that these people are never going to help you in any way. This is a rip off, and this is a fact. I have written several reviews and this is one of them. To start, the quality of their work is horrendous. I give them 2 points instead of 1 (the minimum) because I could use a couple of paragraphs from their work. Other than these few paragraphs, you simply cannot use anything. Half of the essay was plagiarized in any case…

Services (1)

I hope this review helps other students understand that this company does not provide quality services in any way, shape or form. To be honest, even though they boast about how well they write essays, research papers, theses and even dissertations, you will never get a quality paper from them. God forbid trying their dissertation writing service in this case. They weren’t even able to write my essay correctly. As part of my review, I can only award 1 point to the company. And I really don’t feel bad about it because their services are subpar and not even worth trying.

Prices (3) has a long list of prices on their website. If you take a look at them, you may be attracted by a few. Their price per page is almost decent if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. If you factor in the horrible quality of their papers and the fact that their writer plagiarized over half of my essay, you will get to the conclusion that their prices are extremely high (according to several reviews also). To be honest, the quality they are able to offer their clients is not worth half of that price per page. This is why I am giving DoMyWriting only 3 points here.

Support (1) support? What support? Of course, the first thing I did when I received that horrible piece of writing from their author was to contact the customer support department. After all, they boast about high response rates and fast response times on their website. To my surprise, not only did nobody help me at all, they didn’t even bother to respond to my messages. I tried contacting them 4 times over the course of 7 days. I received absolutely no support from the people at

Delivery (2)

I am very happy to see that this reviews website has a section for delivery. It is my great pleasure to say that DoMyWriting did not deliver the paper on time. Their writer was late by 2 days. It was a small issue for me, as I had plenty of time. However, I had expected some sorts of quality. When I saw what they have sent me, I instantly realized that this was a scam. Yes, this company is a scam and I am not ashamed to say it. I was misled and lied to, and I fell for it. 2 points for delivery is all I can give DoMyWriting.

Overall Experience (2)

I have a feeling my review is on par with other reviews around here and on other websites. I mean, it is impossible for them to send me such an essay and to send excellent papers to other people. I know my review may sound harsh, but this is the reality. I am very disappointed by their services, by their customer support, by their delivery times, and even by their prices. I feel as if I had been scammed out of my money, honestly. And to their dismay, my review reflects just that!













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