Dissertationcapital.com Review

Dissertationcapital.com Review
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Quality: (4)

The Dissertationcapital writer did an okay job writing my paper, but it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. My friend had asked me to hire an essay writing service for his British English thesis because he did not have access to these services. I am writing this dissertationcapital.com review because he was not able to. While the paper was written in adequate English, the ideas were not expressed as clearly as they could have been. Since it needed to be in UK English, I chose to not write the paper because I do not have UK English skills. The dissertation was longer than expected, and there were some edits that needed to be done to the paper we received.

Services: (2)

The customer service was disappointing as well, but I was not surprised because of some of the dissertationcapital.com reviews that I had read. Before you even begin to navigate the website, the customer service chat box pops up, which was very annoying. It was surprising that having a paper written in UK English is more expensive! None of the Dissertationcapital reviews I read said anything about this! Getting a good writer also costs more money…apparently, some of their writers are not good. As I write this review, I feel like I am doing the right thing by giving Dissertationcapital a bad review.

Prices: (2)

I couldn’t believe how high the prices were! None of the dissertationcapital reviews I read mentioned anything about the additional fees. Apparently, it costs more to get what you need. We needed a quick turnaround because our deadline was fast approaching I was expecting to pay a little extra, but that cost much more than I expected! My friend wanted a good writer and he knew what to expect because he had read the reviews.

Support: (1)

The worst part of this experience was in dealing with customer service. We only read a couple of reviews that had mentioned the customer service. Customer service greets you immediately upon entering the website. However, you are sent to the FAQ page rather than having someone to talk to. You can’t even access the FAQ answer page, which is ridiculous. I was unable to see the answers to the questions about dissertationcapital.com reviews.

Delivery: (4)

I couldn’t find the file that the writer had sent to me. I did end up finding the email in my spam folder. I wish the writer had sent an email with “dissertationcapital.com” as the title. The writer couldn’t even bother to respond to me when I asked about this.

Overall Experience: (2.6)

Overall, I am very disappointed with my experience. My friend decided to use them because he needed a writing service that could do UK English. Since he was unable to place the order, I did it for him. Obviously, based on my review, I have no desire to ever use this essay writing service for myself. You should definitely choose another company to write your papers. My experience with customer service was not good, the delivery was not handled in a professional way, and in the end, I could have written a better paper myself. Don’t make the same mistake we made—find another company to give your money to.















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            • Jerry says:

              One of my friends advised me to hire Dissertationcapital.com and now I regret that I hadn’t read the above review. The paper I got 2 days later than expected can hardly be called a dissertation. I think they should find better writers.

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