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Quality: 3

While the qualifications of the writers on are comforting, it doesn’t seem that the qualifications match the quality of writing that the writers provide. If you’ve seen the reviews, you’d naturally assume that the writers provide nothing but the best material to their customers. This is hardly true, however. The simplest of requests for sentence structure weren’t correctly followed; I really needed grammar to be in U.S English. I spotted many sections that were clearly written in UK English. Beyond the linguistic flaws, the customessay writer was average at best. Don’t expect much from these guys.

Services: 1

If you fork out a lot of money for a service and don’t get want you asked for, you’d expect to get your money back, right? Unfortunately, didn’t think this was necessary. Even when I specifically pointed out the flaws in the work that was sent back to me, the support team seemed to think that my complaints were unjust. They insisted that another writer could undo the damage, although I simply wanted a refund. Check the reviews of this site before you recruit their services; you’ll avoid making costly mistakes like I made.

Prices: 5

While there are many details of the site that are hard to come by in the reviews I found, one thing that wasn’t hard to come by was the prices. These seemed to be reasonable, by most people’s standards. Compared to many companies on the market that offer similar services to customesaay, their prices are relatively middle-tier, as far as expenses are concerned. I couldn’t give the prices a higher rating, however; the product simply didn’t please me!

Support: 1

I can easily state that I’m displeased with the way the support team at handled my situation. As I mentioned earlier in this review, I wasn’t able to negotiate a refund, which I implicitly desired. I’m attending a university and constantly have to stretch my budget to accommodate certain things. In the case of this essay, I had to take on another job to afford it! It was infuriating to not be able to negotiate a refund. It’s crazy to think that many of the reviews I read talked about how helpful the support team at customesaay were about solving their problems.

Delivery: 6

If you’re reading the entirety of this review, you’ll find that this is the one section that I’ve decided to rate positively. The delivery wasn’t anything spectacular, but the writer got the assignment to me quicker than I’d expected him to. While our correspondence was brief but clear, I didn’t get very much personalization or any questions regarding how, specifically, I might’ve wanted my piece written. Nothing in any reviews that I could locate talked much about this. The reviews shied away from the service aspect of the site.

Overall Experience: 3.2

If you’ve read any portion of this review, you’d know that my overall experience was abysmal. I wouldn’t recommend this site for anyone. Furthermore, I’d strongly recommend that anyone who’s considering using this site should read as many reviews as you can find. It might take some digging to uncover the truly unglamorous details of’s services. With subpar product quality, poor customer service, and average delivery times, certainly didn’t stand out when I used them to finish my essay. I wouldn’t recommend them, in any way.













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            • David says:

              A friend of mine recently hired after reading a couple of reviews on the web. Having received his paper he had to proofread it all night long. Is there someone else here who has the experience of using this service?

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