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Quality: (4) does not deliver the quality they advertise. Based on all the time I spent trying to find answers and reading reviews, I had high expectations. I probably should have paid better attention to the warning signs. I’m not saying my paper was terrible because it was okay; I’m just saying it was not as good as I expected. I would have been better off to just write it myself. It is annoying that so many of the reviews were positive. I should not have spent my money without reading more reviews.

Services: (1)

The Buyessays website layout was very aggravating. The list of services was difficult to find. It took me forever to find the information on a communication essay; I feel like I clicked and searched all over the place. Trying to get straight answers about pricing on the Buyessays site was even worse. This was yet another clue that I should have chosen a different company other than Buyessays.

Prices: (1)

Since I had to deal with so much and had such a difficult time, I thought the prices would be a bit more reasonable; but I was wrong. It cost much more than I thought it would to get my essay written. I don’t have a lot of money to spend because I’m just a student. Having to pay so much really put me in a bind, so I give this a ‘1’ rating. The whole reason I’m writing this review is because I didn’t even really get what I wanted.

Support: (1)

I did address my concerns with the customer service team. I was not surprised, however, that they were not helpful because of a review I had read. I wasn’t expecting to need to deal with customer service, but I was wrong, and now I’m complaining about them in my own review of! All they could do was give me a standard answer: “We’re sorry but there’s nothing we can do.” Not to mention they took longer than their advertised 48 hours to respond to me. Well, there was an automated response, but an actual person contacting me within the 48 hours would have been nice. This is why I’m rating the service a 1 out of 5, which I think is too generous on my part!

Delivery: (4)

The document was delivered in a standard format (nothing more, nothing less) and on time, which is good. Every review that I had read was positive when it came to product delivery, so I was a bit disappointed. I did get what I paid for and it was on time. However, I wasn’t impressed with my paper, even though I spent so much of my money to purchase it!

Overall Experience: (2.2)

I wanted to add my two cents to all the reviews out there. Overall, I am very disappointed. Navigating the website was difficult. I had a hard time finding answers and the product I was looking for. The quality of the product was mediocre. I felt the standard delivery method could have been more personal. I was dissatisfied with customer service—they didn’t help at all and I was stuck with a substandard product, with no opportunity to receive a refund. I hope my review will serve as your warning to find another essay company. This one does not deliver on its promises. It is obvious because they lead you round in circles on their website just to get answers. Find a better company!













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