Quality (7)

I haven’t seen many reviews on the Internet, so I thought I would help everyone by writing one here. To be honest, this service has its pros and cons. I would give it 7 points out of 10 for quality. Why? Because the essay I received contained some mistakes and the ideas were not great. The paper was relatively well written, however. I did not find signs of plagiarism, even though some of the ideas were pretty similar to some I’ve already seen online. But BuyEssayFriend managed to keep the paper original nonetheless.

Services (8)

This essay writing company offers a wide palette of services ranging from essay writing all the way to dissertation writing. They also offer proofreading and editing assistance to students who need such help. Even though I used only the essay writing service, I would give this company 8 points out of 10 in my review. I feel as though they could have offered more services, including Business writing. However, this is just a personal opinion, so I am not penalizing the service too harshly, as you can see.

Prices (5)

When it comes to prices, buyessayfriend managed to disappoint me somewhat. I am perfectly aware that students are looking for great quality at affordable prices, and this is why I can only give this company 5 points out of 10. has relatively high prices for all its services. The price per page for essay writing is higher than I’ve seen on the website of other, similar companies. And when you consider the fact that did not manage to send me an excellent academic paper, these prices suddenly become exaggerated. My review reflects this, of course.

Support (6)

None of the reviews I’ve seen so far talk about the Customer Support department. I tested them and I have not been satisfied with it. To be more specific, I asked for an edit because some of the ideas in one of the sections of my paper were repetitive. It took 12 hours to get a reply, which is completely unacceptable for an essay writing service. The buyessayfriend customer support representative is not a native English speaker, guaranteed. In addition to this, he wasn’t helpful at all, simply telling me that my paper was OK in their view. They did not reply to my subsequent messages, so I feel compelled to give this company just 6 points in my review.

Delivery (5)

After reading several reviews, I am content with the fact that most people complain about delivery time. The company sent me the paper late – 16 hours late to be more precise. When I asked them about the delay, the writer told me that he had a family emergency and that was it. My review has to reflect the fact that the company does not send the papers on time, unfortunately – even though I wish the writer’s family problems get resolved soon. Let’s not forget that several reviews also mentioned missed deadlines.

Overall Experience (6)

I hope this review helps everyone reading it. Unfortunately, considering the points I awarded this company so far, I cannot give more than 6 points here. Other reviews penalized this company even harsher. However, I feel that this academic writing service deserves a 6 (out of 10). They need to improve the quality of their submissions and work on their Customer Support department. Also, they need to be more mindful of deadlines and make sure their prices reflect the reality. They are not a premium service, and the overall score they received clearly supports this idea.













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