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Quality: 4

The quality of the work was standard. It was sent to me in a basic word format without any bells and whistles (which is fine really as most reviews said that). The real problem with bestwritingservice first started when the file I had received was corrupted. Basically I couldn’t download it. This was very irritating because when I told the writer to send it again to me it took her two days to do so. She didn’t get back to me for 2 full days! So I ended up missing my deadline and ultimately got a fail grade on it. really let me down here.

Services: 1

Obviously the writer’s slow response time messed everything up. She should’ve followed through with her job after sending me the file. I know it wasn’t her fault that the file was corrupted but she was still responsible for giving me the work so that I could use it. I also really didn’t like the responses I got from the customer service. They were quite rude and basically unwilling to help. The other reviews that I read said that their customer service wasn’t up to par but I never expected that I would have had to use it.

Prices: 5

The prices were satisfactory at best. Don’t get me wrong: I really liked the automatic 15% discount but after my experience I feel like this price reduction is to make up for the quality and care in the work. This alarming realization is my main reason for writing this review. Yes you get discounts and good prices (especially since we’re students) but I mean…if the quality is not there then you’re really just wasting money. Many of the reviews you read mention the good prices so it wasn’t surprise there. Another small issue was that I couldn’t pay in Canadian dollars (I’m in Vancouver) so I had to convert them into British Pounds.

Support: 1

Again, their customer “service” was belligerent at best. Their answers to my queries was basically “tough luck”. Granted my initial inquiry was harsh (I mean, I did just fail my essay because of their incompetence so naturally I was irritated) so maybe they took it the wrong way. I’ll still give them a “1” in my review because it’s their job to deal with angry “customers” and try to calm the situation down. Instead they just add fuel to the fire (which is what the reviews were saying anyway.)

Delivery: 1

What can I say here? I got it late which made me get a fail grade. Originally the writer delivered it on time. The only problem was that the file was corrupted and that writer didn’t follow up on her delivery. This caused me to have problems with my professor. I really hope that my review is a special case and that not many other people who try bestwritingservice end up getting the same experience with their delivery. Otherwise you’ll see many other negative reviews just like this one.

Overall: 2.2

I’m being very generous in my review. I think that the name “bestwritingservice” is a misnomer. It should really be “cheap writing service”. I had originally tried because I wanted the best work possible. I was okay with paying more for quality work. Instead what I got was cheap prices and ultimately a failed grade. Initially I was going to say that this company would have been okay for students on a tight budget…but at this point I’m not even going to recommend them to the most cash-strapped students. My review’s conclusion? Stay away from this company and go find one that’s better!













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            • kapsosr says:

              I totally agree with this review. KEEP OUT. That should be written on their website to scare away students.

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