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Quality: 6

When you go to a site such as, you expect to get a paper returned that’s amazing, to say the least. My paper wasn’t amazing, but it certainly got the job done. I sent it to my professor and had it returned with a good grade. After quickly reading through the paper and seeing if it met the standards that my class/professor required, it appeared to be satisfactory.

Services: 6

My experience was thorough, to say the least. Getting started at was really straightforward. I knew what I wanted, and I had everything that I needed ready for the writer when we were matched with each other. For this review’s purpose, the subject I needed the paper written on was English, which isn’t my strongest subject. The writer reviewed my guidelines and said that it shouldn’t be a problem. I received the paper back on time, and he even made sure to stay in line with everything I needed the paper to include. In addition to their easy to use service, assignmentdoer’s website is quite easy to navigate. The site posts reviews of previous customer experiences which are excellent; I didn’t have to do any research on my own before deciding to use the site’s services!

Prices: 5

While the service was prompt and the quality of my paper was decent, I found that the price of the site was a little expensive. With this being said, was the only site I found that had on-site customer reviews. I didn’t have to do any research of my own and I also wanted to have it done as quickly as possible. These two factors enabled me to look at the price. I would’ve given this section a higher rating if it weren’t for the misinformation on the site. They say their rates are decent compared with sites of similar design. I didn’t find this to be true at all, however; I’ve used other sites and found them to be slightly cheaper.

Support: 5

I didn’t have many questions for the customer support team on the site. As I’ve stated numerous times in the review above, the work that I got back was what I needed to get done. I had a couple minor questions before I began my relationship with, and I found all of them to be answered politely and helpfully. No complaints overall here. I was also relieved that the communication I shared with the site and my writer was seamless, to say the least!

Delivery: 6

Sometimes it’s hard to be comfortable when you trust your work in the hands of an online writing service. With, however, I found that all my work was handled to my desired specifications. It was delivered on time and in great condition. The paper wasn’t delivered in the morning, but it was delivered by noon on the same day. All in all, I was able to present a decent paper to my professor for grading. I’m satisfied with the site’s delivery.

Overall: 5.6

I had a decent overall experience on While the initial price of the paper was quite higher than I expected, I knew what I was getting into. I needed my paper done quickly, and this site made that happen. My professor gave me a good grade as well. Unless I find another site with cheaper prices, I’ll be using this site if I have other tough writing assignments that need to be completed.













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